Teacher & Consultant

Haula holds a Masters in Commercial song-writing and production from Nottingham Trent University and Tileyard Education in the United Kingdom and has a successful career as a singer-songwriter with credits in some of the worlds most popular tv shows, brand adverts and multimedia services such as Greys Anatomy, Adobe, McDonalds, HBO, Netflix, Disney and many more.

She teaches contemporary singing, piano, pop songwriting and music theory and has been teaching and consulting privately for over five years with students of all ages ranging from beginners to intermediate ability. With her psychology background, Haula is passionate about helping musicians and singers find their voices, confidence and message through song, lyrics and voice.

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  • Singing Lessons (New York)

    As a singing teacher and voice coach Haula loves working with students on songs and styles they want to study rather than following a strict schedule. By mixing creative freedom with fundamental singing techniques such as vocal warm ups, breathing techniques, extending the vocal range and conquering pitch and tone issues etc, students are able to quickly develop their vocal abilities whilst building real performance skill and confidence.

  • Piano Lessons (New York)

    With piano, Haula focuses on teaching the instrument rather than fixed grades and takes the approach of allowing students to learn by playing their favorite popular music interspersed with teaching popular music chords, sight reading and music theory for an enjoyable learning experience with real understanding of music fundamentals.

  • Songwriting Lessons (Online & New York)

    As a songwriting teacher Haula is able to guide her students through the creative process of writing songs and understanding the music theory behind writing a hit song including analyzing song structure and lyrics, use of popular music chords and melody composition and lyric writing. She also delves into the business side of songwriting and how to start or develop your career in the music industry.

  • Songwriting Consulting (Online & New York)

    As a successful songwriter Haula offers a one on one music consultancy service where she will dedicate her time to listen to a selection of your songs and offer professional critique and constructive feedback on your songs including lyrics, vocal delivery and melodic structure.

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